Colin + Mark | Calgary Wedding at The Trib Steakhouse -

Colin + Mark | Calgary Wedding at The Trib Steakhouse

Mar 26, 2013

Colin + Mark’s story is one that I have wanted to share for a few weeks – every time I tried to write this post, I felt as though I was falling short. Or that their story was too special, too intimate to share – I almost wanted to keep it to myself. Sometimes when we say things out loud (or in this case write them down), in making it tangible it becomes real. By chance or fate or destiny, whatever you believe, Colin + Mark swept into my life unexpectedly, and I am so glad that they did.

Weddings are happy affairs – cake, laughs, a union of two people and two families. This wedding was not lacking in any of those areas, but it is also one that was bittersweet. Mark + Colin, in each others lives for years, happily in love, recently learned that Mark is suffering from terminal cancer. Their wedding was not only a celebration of love, but a celebration of life. Of making every moment matter. Despite the circumstances, this wedding was every bit a celebration.

Colin + Mark are spending the time that they have together travelling, exploring and enjoying each other’s company. This is what love looks like.


  1. Boon Ong says:

    I don’t mean to swear in your blog Natalie, but HOLY SHIT!! I’ve got goose bums! Especially the photos with the groom holding each others hands, their expressions to each other really tell how much they love each other, every part is just impeccable. Simply amazing work! Kudos, with a standing ovation, and a bow. Thanks for posting this, love it alot alot!

  2. Joel says:

    Sweet images, great narrative, and awesome venues. Well done!!!

  3. Maggie says:

    Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Great photos Natalie.

  4. Karena Munroe says:

    That is so touching. Beautiful work Heart & Sparrow.

  5. Shane Scott says:

    Their story gave me chills and your work portrayed their love so well. Well done!

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